Tom MacDonald: Is self-produced music the way forward

Tom MacDonald - YouTube Does self-produced music have a place in the future of the music industry?

With many artists now at the mercy of being 'cancelled' if their music is considered 'offensive' - which is clearly just a big popularity contest of who can say certain things and who can't, maybe this is the way forward.

Tom MacDonald made the decision to produce his own music instead of follow the usual route of being signed to a record label. This decision proved ideal for Tom as it meant he could rap about what he wanted and address issues he felt were important without the risk of being cancelled. The ideas of this can be heard in one of his songs where he explains there's no record label or sponsors losing money if he becomes unpopular; meaning he can pretty much say what he wants as long as he is willing to carry on making music this way.

Understandably, rap isn't everyone's go-to music.
This isn't helped by the fact half of the current rappers today are quite 'uninspiring' for lack of a better word.

Rappers used to be relatable. Some, made songs about the struggles they've faced and others would make music to help motivate and inspire. Two classic examples would be Eminem and Kanye West.
Everyone knows about the early life of Slim Shady thanks to the creative works of many of his albums and Kanye West was quoted saying "If you're a fan of my music, you're a fan of yourself" when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

However, nowadays rap music just doesn't seem the same and put plainly; we may have found an article which explains why.
We came across an interesting post by titled: Finally, a rapper that doesn’t sound like they’re having a stroke - Tom MacDonald

One excerpt from the article - "For some strange reason, the biggest “rappers” of the day seem to be the likes of Nicki Minaj or anyone that puts ‘Lil’ in front of their name, and let’s not forget that gem of a “musician” Cardi B, who still to this day doesn’t appear to speak any language recognisable by humans." - gives you a clear view of where they stand in this whole argument.
Continuing on to say "
They all sing about money, weed, cars, and grills. Not to mention how many bitches they fuck whilst advertising their latest wardrobe purchase. Yeah, we get it, you know how to buy expensive clothes, congratulations, your parent’s must be really proud."

Enter, Tom MacDonald, who has been making music for a while now and seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. 
This is likely due to some of his latest music being labelled as 'controversial' but in actual fact, we just think he's speaking the truth. Clearly divisive due to the fact he speaks his mind and its what his fans love to hear as well as others not so keen, maybe because there's a few hard truths they're not ready to accept yet.

When did standing up for what you believe in become such a problem - just because it doesn't fit with what some people claim to be 'offended' by?

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