Lamborghini Shows Why We Need Hybrids

Lamborghini shows why we need hybrid cars. At least until Porsche's eFuel is approved and petrol-only cars can be developed and built again.

Leading on from our article about Porsche's new eFuel concept which they are trialling this year in 2021, we thought we'd look at what's to come in the meantime, while we wait for the results of Porsche's 2021 eFuel trials. 

Everyone knows about the flagship hybrids that came from Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren a few years ago and the headlines they made. With Ferrari now using their hybrid system with V8 engines and Porsche making some all electric cars to balance out their petrol-only models, things seem to have calmed down slightly with new models coming out fairly under the radar. No big fuss, no big announcement, just a "here's our new models" from the performance car heavyweights.

Well, now Lamborghini have shown off their attempt at a hybrid. The Lamborghini Sian. There will be 63 made, plus 19 roadsters to come at a later date.

The Sian shares the same platform as the Aventador SVJ. Chassis, Suspension and even the same V12 engine. But with some tweaks taking it to 774hp.
The car has a hybrid motor in gearbox and is different to all the other hybrids. Instead of Lithium ion batteries Lamborghini are using Super Capacitors (SuperCap). This lets the electric system charge up and provide the power much faster. On top of this, it brings the total power output of the car to 808hp

Lamborghini claim the SuperCap helps with acceleration and filling in the gaps often noticed when changing gear on the single-clutch gearbox.
But that's not what we like so much about it. Effectively, in the real world, it's useless. But... thanks to it having an electronic system it can be classified as a hybrid. This now allows Lamborghini to help meet changing emission restrictions and therefore allows them to keep using the famous the V12 engine they have spent so long developing. 
Not classed as a petrol-only car which many governments are looking to ban in years to come (the UK for example) is perhaps the perfect loophole until the viable zero-emission eFuels are are approved and the potential ban on petrol cars is overturned.

Not to mention the expensive and rare technology can often filtered down into more affordable cars like the tech seen and developed in motorsport.

Pagani also have high hopes for the near future with their new model.

Known as the Pagani C10 to the designers, it features a V12, twin turbo, AMG engine from the previous Pagani, no doubt tweaked for more power than the previous model. 
The good news is, the engine is certified for emissions until 2025. Meaning 4 years of production until an electrified model, set come out in 2024 as mentioned by Horacio Pagani in an interview.

The petrol powered version will also come with a manual gearbox and 3 pedal setup as requested by purist customers.

They may even follow Lamborghini with the super capacitor "hybrid" system but Horacio Pagani insisted he is interested in electric cars and time will tell whether the market is there for them, along with SUV models as well.


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